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VG1LifeNet Health is about to release its new product for anterior cervical fusion, Vertigraft VG1 . The just released Vertigtaft VG2 last year - is this new graft any different from the spinal fusion products currently on the market?


The Vertigraft VG1 Cervical Bio-implant is an allograft bone implant similar to products LifeNet currently offers for both cervical and lumbar fusions.

The main benefit of Vertigraft VG1 is the manner of storage – this product is freeze-dried prior to shipment, so it can be stored at room temperature.

Currently available products must be kept frozen, which can be a problem for surgeons or hospitals with limited space or no access to adequate freezers.

According to the company website, the applications and benefits of this product are similar to the Vertigraft VG2. Both products are bone allografts consisting of layered cortical-cancellous-cortical bone treated with Allowash XG® for sterilization. The cancellous layer improves the possibility of postsurgical growth and viability of the allograft, while the cortical layers provide the necessary strength.

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