What simply occurred? It’s just been a couple of days because the Core i9-13900K was launched however Swedish overclocker Elmor has actually currently utilized it to climax for the greatest clock rate ever before gotten to (as well as verified): an extraordinary 8812.85 MHz.

According to HWBot, the document last altered hands 8 years back when an AMD FX-8370 was pressed to 8722 MHz. CPU-Z claims that the document has actually been held by an AMD FX-8350 clocked at 8794 MHz for also longer than that, however both websites concur that the 13900K was the initial CPU to pass 8.8 GHz as well as is the existing champ.

It’s additionally the initial Intel CPU to wrest the document far from AMD in current memory– a minimum of a years.

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At default setups, the 13900K will certainly appear at 5.8 GHz on as lots of P-cores as the program can utilize prior to relaxing to 5.0-5.5 GHz as it warms up. It might most likely maintain those greater clocks if it might keep one’s cool however also big AIOs appear to battle to have its ~ 300 W plan. A minimum of it’s an exceptional prospect for residence heating as well as overclocking with unique air conditioning.

Elmor utilized LN2 (fluid nitrogen) to cool the CPU throughout the document effort at a beta overclocking occasion held by Asus. They put the LN2 right into their very own native ElmorLabs Volcano pot, which appears like it makes use of an uncommon quantity of copper, going by their image.

Completing their system was an Asus Z790 ROG Maximus Peak motherboard as well as 32 GB of DDR5-4800. Their image reveals a Lepa G1600 power supply off sideways. And also, obviously, they stuck to Windows 7.

In regards to the CPU arrangement, the overclock was based upon a 100.15 MHz bus clock as well as utilized an x88.0 multiplier related to the 6th P-core. The rest of the P-cores were left at the 3 GHz base clock as well as the 16 E-cores were handicapped. Elmor really did not share the voltages or temperature levels, however probably a future document effort shared to YouTube will certainly have those information.

Much more remarkable than simply the document is that it was attained with a design example. It’s most likely that the clock rate document will certainly border up as various other severe overclockers obtain their hands on binned 13900K manufacturing examples that can be pressed that little additional.