Time for a huge criteria contrast in between the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X and also Intel Core i5-13600K, we’ll be covering 54 video games throughout 3 resolutions utilizing the GeForce RTX 4090, to make sure that’s a fair bit of information to review.

When we assessed these CPUs we inspected them out in concerning a loads video games, contrasting different memory and also motherboard arrangements to exercise which used one of the most worth. Ultimately, they were extremely near each various other. The 13600K revealed to have the benefit of more powerful efficiency efficiency, while the 7600X is a lot more power reliable and also is sustained by a remarkable system that ought to provide a substantially far better upgrade course.

You can make strong debates for going in either case, however today’s large criteria contrast is a lot more concerning video gaming and also we wish that it will certainly make the selection simpler if that’s your usage situation.

Allow’s swiftly review the examination system specifications and afterwards we can delve into the criteria. The Ryzen 5 7600X was evaluated on the MSI MEG X670E Ace motherboard with 32GB of DDR5-6000 CL30 solitary ranking memory, while the Core i5-13600K was evaluated on the MSI Z790 Tomahawk utilizing 32GB of DDR5-6400 CL32 solitary ranking memory.

Please keep in mind the DDR5-6400 memory made use of on the Intel system does not deal with AM5 as it does not provide exposition assistance and also packing XMP stops working too. So the memory needs to be by hand set up which’s not something most customers will certainly want to do. Additionally, to go for 6400 rates, a Textile regularity of 2133 MHz is needed and also just the very best silicon will certainly accomplish this regularity while preserving security.

So reasonably DDR5-6000 is the limitation for Ryzen 7000 collection cpus, while 13th-gen Intel CPUs can surpass DDR5-6400 easily. So it’s not unreasonable to examine Intel CPUs with greater clocked memory, as they sustain such memory whereas Zen 4 CPUs generally do not.

The graphics card of selection is the brand-new GeForce RTX 4090 and also we’re utilizing Windows 11 and also resizable bar allowed for both arrangements. As we have actually stated, 54 video games were evaluated, though we have actually additionally needed to go down a couple of prominent titles as they’re no more beneficial or sensible for evaluating premium equipment, mainly as a result of in-game structure caps.

Such video games consist of God of Battle, Control, and also Celebrity Wars Jedi Fallen Order, every one of which were maxed out also at 1440p at the video game’s structure limitation. We additionally needed to ditch Microsoft Trip Simulator as we have actually been incapable to log right into our duplicate of the ready weeks as a result of a web server discovery mistake (essentially the Microsoft Shop is rubbish and also it makes screening video games there extremely challenging, otherwise difficult). Keeping that off the beaten track, allow’s get involved in the outcomes …


Beginning with Fortnite we discover comparable efficiency in between these 2 CPUs, remarkably however, the 13600K used a little greater 1% lows, around a 5% enhancement, while the 7600X pressed the ordinary structure price as much as 5% greater.

One of the most considerable margin was seen at 4K where the 13600K generated 8% greater 1% lows. In general not a large distinction and also both handled to press high structure prices in our Group Rumble late suit criteria.

Allowed’s delve into what’s most likely one of the most complicated criteria of this collection, Field of battle V. Strangely with the 200 fps structure cap eliminated from both arrangements, the 1% lows were rather comparable, however the ordinary structure price had not been as the 7600X was 36% faster at 1080p and also 56% faster at 1440p, and also much more surprising we still saw a 50% margin at 4K. It looks as though we’re evaluating 2 various video games right here, however after several re-tests we wound up with the exact same outcomes.

We’re unsure what’s holding the 13600K back right here, in both circumstances we established the structure limitation to 900 fps, and also three-way inspected the high quality setups, it goes without saying every little thing was appropriate. It’s feasible this is an E-core pest, however we’ll need to invest some even more time exploring it.

Recommending what we saw in Field of battle V was an insect without a doubt is the much more recent Field of battle 2042 where the 13600K executed quite possibly, outmatching the 7600X at both 1080p and also 1440p.

Below we see that 1% lows depend on 16% higher with the Intel cpu with a 7% increase to the ordinary structure price. By the time we get to the 4K resolution the video game is GPU restricted, so provided we’re just utilizing the tool high quality setups right here for that affordable benefit, it’s reasonable to state both cpus are greater than quick sufficient right here and also will certainly generally cause GPU restricted efficiency.

Perspective Absolutely no Dawn appears to like the Ryzen cpu however unlike Field of battle V, we do not think this is an insect, as we have actually seen this actions with AMD and also Intel CPUs for time.

In this instance, the 7600X supplied up to 21% higher 1% lows and also 29% greater ordinary structure prices, both seen at 1440p. In spite of that the 13600K did supply more powerful 1% lows at 4K, though the ordinary structure price was a little reduced, so general efficiency was similar as a result of a GPU traffic jam.

Rainbow 6 Siege additionally suched as the 7600X for driving large structure prices, striking 722 fps at 1080p opposed to 626 fps for the 13600K. I’m unsure that margin truly matters, however 1% lows were practically 20% greater with the AMD cpu.

Comparable efficiency fads were seen at 1440p and afterwards at 4K the video game ends up being greatly GPU bound, so structure prices right here are essentially adjusted.

Going On to Halo Infinite, the 13600K pushed in advance at 1080p by a 16% margin, striking 213 fps, though 1% lows were just enhanced by 6%. After that at 1440p the Intel cpu lead is decreased to 7% and afterwards at 4K the 7600X was consistently a couple of structures quicker which is weird, however this actions was seen in a variety of video games.

Ruin Eternal efficiency was similar utilizing either CPU and also this is specifically real when concentrating on 1% lows. Ordinary structure price efficiency depended on 5% more powerful with the 13600K, however we question lots of will certainly observe the distinction in between 564 fps and also 595 fps.

We understand a great deal of you have actually grumbled concerning efficiency in Gotham Knights, however we really did not recognize it was this poor. Equipped with an RTX 4090 we could not also strike 120 fps at 1080p, actually we saw the exact same efficiency constraint whatsoever 3 evaluated resolutions.

In other words, efficiency trapped this title, however the 13600K depended on 8% faster.

Forza Perspective 5 isn’t as well CPU requiring, however it’s a 54 video game criteria, so we have actually included it and also assumed we may have a look at the information, as these outcomes or instead margins are rather regular of what you’ll see in a lot of video games. To make sure that is to state essentially the same efficiency in between these 2 CPUs.

Utilizing the Phone Call of Obligation: Modern War II multiplayer criteria we discover that the 13600K depends on 12% faster, seen when contrasting 1% lows at 1080p, though there’s simply a 6% margin seen when contrasting the ordinary structure price.

Those margins are considerably decreased at 1440p and afterwards gotten rid of at 4K, so while the Core i5 was practically the remarkable entertainer, essentially the margins were irrelevant.

After that for the solitary gamer project utilizing the extremely high quality setups we see that CPU efficiency is basically the same as the video game is currently mainly GPU restricted, revealing comparable outcomes to what we saw in Forza Perspective 5.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an aesthetically remarkable solitary gamer video game, though this set can be fairly CPU requiring. The 7600X triumphed, supplying 6% more powerful efficiency, however those are rarely margins to compose house concerning, particularly provided we typically proclaim margins of 5% or much less to be a draw.

The last video game we’re mosting likely to consider the information for is PUBG and also we were shocked to discover the 7600X supplying more powerful efficiency, though 1% lows were basically the same.

Still, when taking a look at ordinary structure prices we see that the 7600X wins by as much as a 13% margin, which goes to the very least notable.

Efficiency Recap

Based upon the examinations over, the 7600X and also 13600K show up extremely comparable in regards to video gaming efficiency, however we have actually just checked out a loads video games or two video games out of the 54 titles evaluated, so allow’s delve into the contrast charts for the complete break down …

In our day-one evaluation information, which is based upon a 12 video game example, we had the 7600X leading the 13600K by a 3% margin. Keeping that screening increased to 54 video games, the 7600X is 5% faster. If we get rid of the possibly bugged Field of battle V information (problem with the E-cores?), the 7600X was simply 4% faster. Regardless as we kept in mind previously, we constantly consider margins of 5% or much less to be irrelevant, or simply put a connection.

In spite of utilizing the fastest video gaming GPU we can purchase a reduced resolution, efficiency overall is similar as both the 7600X and also 13600K are extremely rapid video gaming CPUs. We’re discussing single-digit margins in 70+% of the video games evaluated.

As you would certainly anticipate, the margins boil down a little at 1440p and also once again Combat Zone V is the only outlier. Usually the 7600X was simply 3% faster as seen in our day-one evaluation if we get rid of the Field of battle V result.

Ultimately at 4K resolution, the 7600X was simply 1% faster if we get rid of Field of battle V. For a little over half the video games evaluated, the margin was 1% or much less, and also this information is mosting likely to be rather depictive for those of you running an RTX 3080 or slower at 1440p, though that might not always put on esports titles utilizing poor quality setups.

Power Intake

Below’s a fascinating consider complete system power usage when video gaming, certainly, with the RTX 4090. Throughout the 6 video games we checked out right here, typically the 13600K eaten 14% even more power than the 7600X, which does not seem like much and also in the grand system of points most likely isn’t.

However in lots of circumstances we’re discussing 60 watts or even more with the larger margins of practically 120 watts which honestly is a ridiculous distinction. Based upon this, the Ryzen 5 cpu will certainly be simpler to cool down, though we’re unsure exactly how pertinent that is as a lot of will certainly band a good colder on either cpu anyhow.

Still, also if you intend on undervolting or adjusting the power use of these cpus, the 7600X is beginning with a far better setting.

What We Found Out

That was our comprehensive consider the video gaming efficiency of the Ryzen 5 7600X and also Core i5-13600K. Both are incredibly qualified video gaming CPUs, both supply a top-tier experience and also both deserve buying.

The benefit of the Core i5-13600K is its remarkable efficiency efficiency as it can typically place those E-cores to great usage, using significant gains over the 7600X. Additionally, for those of you that such as to play with their equipment and also meddle overclocking and also memory adjusting, professional overclocker Buildzoid declares that the 13600K is a far better selection, using even more clearance and also a better level of memory adjusting.

There’s additionally a larger series of below-$ 200 motherboards available, many thanks to sustain for 600-series boards, and also in reverse compatibility with DDR4 indicates you can rollover old memory or buy from the large swimming pool of currently offered DDR4 memory.

CPU-bound DDR4 efficiency will typically be slower than that of DDR5, so if you’re constructing a completely brand-new computer or implementing a whole system upgrade, we do suggest leaping to DDR5 currently.

The benefit of the Ryzen 5 7600X is that it’s the a lot more reliable cpu, eating much less power which theoretically must make it simpler to cool down, though we do not think cooling down to be a significant factor to consider right here. The actual benefit for the Ryzen 5 component is the AM5 system which will certainly sustain a minimum of 2 even more generations of cpus, using a wide upgrade course for those spending currently.

Eventually, there’s no right or incorrect alternative in either case you go, by default they’re both outstanding items, and also you require to gamble in between more powerful efficiency efficiency and also system durability.

Past that, our only recommendations is that if you can wait, do so, a minimum of up until very early 2023. Usually we see some fascinating statements appear of CES and also we’re anticipating AMD will certainly be aiming to take a breath some life right into AM5 sales, which can suggest 3D V-Cache versions, enhanced AM5 motherboard rates or even more budget friendly non-X variations.

Situation in factor, while we were preparing this write-up to go online, AMD has evidently reduced Zen 4 rates throughout the board which is instead unforeseen (or otherwise?, see our write-up: AMD Ryzen 7000 is off to a slow-moving beginning, Zen 4 sales are bad). It’s yet vague if these are long-term declines or simply vacation offers however the Ryzen 5 7600X is currently costing $249, below the initial $299 launch rate simply weeks back.

It’s feasible that rates on Intel’s side will certainly come to be a lot more affordable also, and also certainly, DDR5 rates matters there, as well. So remaining on the sidelines to view exactly how all this plays out may be the very best approach in the short-term. As well as certainly, we’ll have much more criteria over the coming weeks and also months.

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