What simply occurred? An Intel chip has actually passed the 8 GHz regularity for the very first time in over 8 years. A design example of the Core i9-13900K got to 8.2 GHz making use of lots of fluid nitrogen, revealing the overclocking possibility of the upcoming cpu.

Throughout the Intel Developer Obstacle Computer Modding Ending, overclocker Allen ‘Splave’ Golibersuch took care of to get to the 8.2 GHz regularity on the Core i9-13900K, which includes 24 cores making up 8 Efficiency cores as well as 16 Performance cores. For contrast, the document overclock for the Core i9-12900K is 7.6 GHz.

When not making use of unique air conditioning like fluid nitrogen (LN2), the Raptor Lake chip has the ability to get to a still really excellent 5.8 GHz– 5.5 GHz with all 8 P cores– with Intel’s Thermal Rate Increase.

We’re still someway off seeing the globe overclocking document tested. The HWBot table reveals that the 8.7 GHz (8,722.78 MHz) gotten to by AMD’s FX-8370 has actually been unbeaten considering that 2014. Group red’s old CPUs hold the 3 places behind the leader. Actually, just about 2 of the leading twenty OC documents were accomplished on AMD cpus.

The HWBot graph reveals the last Intel chip to pass the 8 GHz turning point. That was the Celeron D 365 over 8 years earlier. The fifth-placed CPU took care of to get to an overclocked regularity of 8.54 GHz.

We’re expecting seeing exactly how Intel’s upcoming chip prices versus AMD’s brand-new front runner, the Ryzen 9 7950X, a 16-core, 32-thread CPU that clocks in between 4.5 GHz as well as 5.7 GHz, depending upon the tons. We ranked the cpu really extremely, granting it a rating of 95 in our evaluation, yet it appears the Ryzen isn’t mosting likely to test the Core i9-13900K when it involves LN2 overclocking; the Zen 4 chip’s ideal HWBot entrance is 7.4 GHz (7,471.96 MHz).

This isn’t the very first record of the Core i9-13900K’s blistering efficiency. Last month saw the chip leading PassMark’s newest single-thread CPU standard with a rating of 4,833. The Raptor Lake CPU arrives this October 20 valued at $589.

h/t: Tom’s Equipment