Fed Up With your Mission 2 headset’s battery passing away in the center of a lengthy gameplay session? Fed up with all the stress the headset places on your face? Address 2 issues with one remedy as well as conserve a lot of cash while doing so. This was initially simply a Prime Day bargain, yet Amazon.com still has the fantastic $49 cost (opens up in brand-new tab) on our favored Mission 2 head band, as well as it also consists of a large battery, also!

I have actually utilized a great deal of head bands for the Oculus Mission 2 (opens up in brand-new tab), yet none are extra comfy or hassle-free than the BoboVR M2 Pro. It includes a traditional halo band style that places all that headset weight on the leading as well as rear of your head rather than on your face, getting rid of one of the most uneasy component of playing in virtual reality for extended periods of time.

However all that added convenience isn’t also the very best component of the BoboVR M2 Pro head band. Rather, it’s the inventive magnetic battery loads that can be quickly stood out on as well as off throughout play to assist prolong your play sessions also much longer. These 5,200 mAh are substantial as well as supply numerous hrs of extra play time each, as well as you can independently acquire extra ones if you wind up requiring extra.

It’s ultra-satisfying to merely get to back, manage the battery, get hold of a brand-new pack as well as put it back on without also needing to remove your headset. Ideal yet, these batteries give off a distinct beep when they have actually been connected, allowing you recognize that your headset it great to opt for numerous extra hrs.