Crazy Do It Yourself: A Swedish musician/engineer produced a functioning accordion making use of 2 Commodore 64 computer systems as well as a lot of floppies. Referred to as the Commodordion, it plays mechanically, much like its routine equivalent, however the result is evocative 1980s location 8-bit gallery songs.

The tool is straightforward in principle as well as procedure. 2 C-64s are linked by means of bellows made from lots of 5.25-inch floppies. The bellows regulate the “air flow” (quantity) of the notes played. The tricks on each computer system serve as they would certainly on a typical accordion, with the appropriate one creating the tune as well as the left outputting chords.

Building the Commodordion was much from being as simple as its procedure. Creator as well as YouTuber Linus Åkesson began by making the bellows. Each layer called for 3 floppies reduced in 2 various patterns as well as held with each other with tape. The folds up were after that interlaced with the previous one as well as held limited with even more tape. There go to the very least 16 folds up, so 48 or even more 5.25 floppies fulfilled their death for this task.

Åkesson claimed, “No great disks were hurt planned of this video clip.”

As formerly discussed, an accordion’s bellows regulate the quantity of played notes. The more challenging it is required, the louder the noises generated. The Commodordion bellows are closed besides an opening in the back that strikes on a microphone. This mic feeds right into an envelope fan, converting the mic hiss right into quantity. That, consequently, feeds right into a digital-to-analog converter that outputs the noises.

Each C-64 was additionally greatly customized, however you would not recognize it till you see them from behind (over). 2 power products are wired straight to the motherboards instead of with the adapter port. Various other motherboard alterations consist of a hardwired Commodore Disk drive emulator as well as the result component. Altogether, the gadget has 3 personalized circuit card wired straight to the C-64 PCBs.

Last but not least is a custom-made program kept on that particular mimicked disk drive. This software program equates the keypresses on each computer system right into accordion notes. As you can see in the video clip, Åkesson is a competent artist as well as can play the gadget in real-time equally as he would certainly the common tool. The songs generated would certainly fit completely right into any type of 1980s-era computer game.

Åkesson consisted of much more information on his blog site for those interested.